Shakyamuni and Nichiren Daishonin


Buddhism was first expounded nearly 3,000 years ago by Shakyamuni who made his arrival in India. During the first phase of his teachings which ranged over 40 years, Shakyamuni transcended beyond the barriers of sexual differences, class and social discriminations prevalent in his days to teach the Law in various ways according to the circumstances and capacity of his listeners in order to save as many people, from all walks of life, as possible.

In the last eight years of his life, Shakyamuni expounded his ultimate purpose of his life, the Lotus Sutra, as the Supreme Vehicle for all mankind to attain enlightenment. In addition to this, he revealed the appearance of the True Buddha of the infinite past of Kuon-ganjo. Furthermore, 2,000 years after his passing in an age rife with evil called Mappo, Shakyamuni prophesied the arrival of One who would replace him, the One True Original Buddha of Kuon-ganjo who will emerge to fundamentally lead all people in this world to the One True Path of enlightenment.

Two millennia after Shakyamuni entered nirvana, the teachings of Shakyamuni in India as well as in such countries as China and Japan no longer held any power to relieve the sufferings of mankind. In this age of Mappo, as predicted in the Lotus Sutra expounded by Shakyamuni Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin made His advent as the Votary of the Lotus Sutra of Ichien-Budai (the entire universe) to establish the True Buddhism with the DaiGohonzon of Nam Myoho-Renge-Kyo of Kuon-ganjo as the essence of our faith.

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