20. Why is the object of worship bestowed by the Gakkai a “counterfeit object of worship?”


For example, suppose someone were to copy paper currency on a sophisticated color copying machine, and in so doing manufacture currency. No matter how indistinguishable it is from genuine currency, the copies would still be counterfeit currency, and to use them would be punishable by law.

There are three reasons why this is so.

  1. They do not have the sanction of the formal government.
  2. They have not been issued by the Bank of Japan (or the respective country’s Federal Bank).
  3. They have been arbitrarily created by oneself.

The “counterfeit object of worship” accords exactly with the above principles.

  1. It does not receive the sanction of the High Priest.
  2. It is not bestowed by the Head Temple.
  3. It is arbitrarily manufactured by the Gakkai.

The Gakkai insists, “We are a group of united priests, so we are qualified to bestow the Gohonzon.” However, in all the world, from whom did they receive this “qualification?” Among all the High Priests of Nichiren Shoshu, none of them has ever made such a bestowal upon the Soka Gakkai. If what they say is true, that “Our wish is for Kosen-rufu, so that makes us qualified,” then anyone can arbitrarily manufacture an object of worship at any time. The Daishonin’s Buddhism would then fall into a state of confusion and perish.

Counterfeit currency is punishable by law. A counterfeit object of worship is guilty of the great slander of destroying Buddhism, so it will definitely incur actual punishment.