21. Why does Nichiren Shoshu say that the object which results from copying Nichikan Shonin’s Gohonzon “is not Nichikan Shonin’s object of worship” and “is a great slander which turns its back upon Nichikan Shonin’s heart?”


What Nichiren Shoshu calls “Nichikan Shonin’s Gohonzon” is the Gohonzon that has been correctly transcribed from the standpoint of the bequeathal of the lifeblood of the Daishonin’s life, as stated in the Gosho,

“I, Nichiren, have inscribed my life in sumi”

(M.W., Vol. 1, p. 120)

However, even though the object which the Gakkai has recently copied and manufactured has exactly the same form and appearance of Nichikan Shonin’s own handwriting, it does not have the sanction of the High Priest of the conferral of the lifeblood of the Law, so the Daishonin’s “life” has not been transcribed into it and it cannot be said to be “Nichikan Shonin’s Gohonzon.”

In other words, it is exactly the same as someone arbitrarily photographing a Gohonzon and worshipping the photograph. This would be a great slander.

Furthermore, the Gakkai has arbitrarily obliterated the words of conferral, that is, “Daigyo Ajari Honshobo Nissho,” that were inscribed into the Gohonzon which Nichikan Shonin himself inscribed, thus defacing Nichikan Shonin’s Gohonzon. This is quite naturally the “great slander of turning against Nichikan Shonin’s heart.”