24. What will result from worshipping a counterfeit object of worship?


A counterfeit object of worship possesses the power of devils that are hostile toward Buddhism. When someone worships such an object, that person will receive actual punishment because of the devils’ occult powers. Because of the sin of the slander of worshipping a counterfeit object of worship, the result will be to fall into hell for a long time.

In the Daishonin’s Buddhism, it is a great slander to use spurious imitations. The reason is that since it resembles the Buddha, the correct teachings will be concealed and many people will lose sight of the genuine Buddha.

The Shingon Sect stole Tiantai’s ichinen sanzen and established the doctrine that the “Dainichi Sutra is supreme.” The Daishonin refuted it, saying that “Shingon ruins the nation.” The counterfeit object of worship recently being manufactured by the Soka Gakkai is an attempt to steal the Nichiren Shoshu Gohonzon and is similar in form and shape to Nichikan Shonin’s Gohonzon. However, it will bring no benefit. Instead, the karma derived from misconduct will accumulate in direct proportion if one worships it. This in itself makes their slander even greater than that of the Shingon Sect. Second President Toda gave the following guidance concerning the Gohonzon:

“The Dai-Gohonzon is the only thing we ourselves cannot make. It is Nichiren Daishonin’s enlightenment, and exists nowhere apart from the successive High Priests, who are the only ones to receive it. Therefore, the objects of worship written by the fellows of the Butsuryu Sect and Minobu have absolutely no power. Since they’re counterfeit, they have absolutely no power. Instead, devils inhabit them. They’re inhabited by the power of devils. Therefore, they’re to be feared.”

(Daibyaku Renge, No. 98, p. 9)